Dymetrol® suspension fabrics

Specialist fabrics tested to automotive and aviation standards

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Technical Specifications

Arville Dymetrol is a robust material which has been proven in use for demanding applications within the aerospace and automotive industries. It has been extensively tested and exceeds the robust standards required for burn behaviour, smoke emissions, toxicity, strength and durability.

Burn Behaviour
DIN EN 75200/FMVSS 302
Burn Behaviour AVIATION
FAR/JAR/CS 25.853
Burn Behaviour AUTOMOTIVE
FMVSS 302 (DIN 75200)
Vertical Ignition Requirements
ABD0031, Issue F, Section 7.1.2
Toxic Gas Emission Limits
ABD0031, Issue F, Section 7.4
Smoke Emission Requirements
ABD0031, Issue F, Section 7.13.2
Exceeds I6G static and durability test

Quality Assurance

Arville Dymetrol fabrics are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards throughout, giving you peace of mind that our fabrics are produced to consistently meet your exact technical specifications.

We are independently audited with full traceability from individual yarns right through to finished fabric pieces, each roll of fabric being individually labelled with a unique identifying reference code. Our in-house laboratory and testing facilities provide us with a first-class level of technical support that is unrivalled in the textiles industry.

Every piece of Dymetrol fabric that we produce is rigorously tested against our customers’ specifications, our testing regime is intensive and includes a wide range of industry standard testing procedures.


Identification and corrective action of any potential defects as early as possible in the manufacturing process helps us to maintain a consistently high level of quality, while ensuring minimal waste.

Our QA procedures extend from the management of raw materials, including yarns and FR chemical treatments, through every stage of the manufacturing process, with final quality control checks prior to delivering to the end customer. At every stage throughout the weaving process, we rigorously check and inspect the fabrics to ensure that we maintain the highest possible quality standards. We operate a dual policy of 100% on-loom inspection and 100% visual inspection off-loom.

Our technicians have multiple checkpoints throughout to ensure that the end product meets our consistently high quality standards and the agreed customer specification. It is this dedication to quality and performance which has helped to establish the Dymetrol name as the market leader for suspension fabrics.

Environmental Assurance

Dymetrol is manufactured within the scope of ISO 14001 which sets the standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The ISO 14001 standard is an internationally recognised framework within which actions are taken to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and cut waste management costs.

As a responsible manufacturer, Arville strives to minimise our environmental impact locally and globally through ongoing investment, manufacturing improvements, raw material sourcing and implementation of best practice.

Allows for a lighter seating arrangement
Reduce the number of seating components
Allows for thinner seat profiles
100% recyclable (mono-material)
Reduces the amount of foam and other components needed
Long service life
Superior comfort levels
Reduces accompanying noises such as rattles and squeaks
Proven history in long-term service